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Are You Ready for Next Level Clinical Trials?

Digital Clinical Trials.

Time is Health.

Access to modern healthcare can save millions of people around the globe. This is why we emphasize so much on speed. The faster new therapies and medical devices get on the market, the more lives can be saved.

The successful acceleration on COVID-19 vaccination research is the best  example.

Go Green. 

Time and money are resources, just as any other on the planet. 

Saving time and effort in your clinical trial makes your CO2 footprint smaller.

Let your trial be more sustainable. And life gets better - for all of us.



And Audit Proof.

Audit Proof

Qualified Vendor


Discover Our Fully Integrated Software Suite
for Global Biotech, Medtech, IVD and Pharma Trials.

Secure and Reliable, Complete End-to-End.

Make Your Trials Faster. 
More Cost-Effective.
More Sustainable.

And More Secure



*compared to the over 50% regular paper-based trials of today

No Mistakes.

 We support and control your performance along the entire value chain of clinical trials. One main goal is to prevent all mistakes and an eventual trial failure due to process errors.


Our technology combines pre-trial services with clinical trial management and AI driven big data analytics in healthcare.


As a result we massively raise efficiency and shorten development cycles up to 70%, giving access to faster and cheaper healthcare to people around the world.

But most important: You can rely on shere professionalism and 100% quality. Made in Germany. 


Audited and approved by:



ISO 13485









ISO 14001, 27001






21 CFR pt.11


From Paper Work to Patient Work.

Trust in Quality

We prevent mistakes. All of our software is built with a maximum of traceability and regulatory alignment. No bad consequences ahead. Sleep well.

We Know What It Takes.

Cost reduced by up to 40%

Faster trials mean lower costs. On all sides, from customer to clinics and additional service providers. 

Trial time reduced by up to 70%

We massively reduce the trial time needed from pre-clinical and in-house setup through 
clinical trials and final evaluation.

Perfect customer experience service

Our service does not end after we sold our product. That's where it starts. We support you in all questions of FDA, GDP or other audit related topics.

Fully regulatory compliant

We know what we do. After 30+ years of experience, we guarantee audit-proof systems and work. And we provide additional support at any time of your trial, if needed.

100% Regulatory Compliant.

SynapCon offers the first fully integrated all-in-one digital solution for the drug development and clinical trials market, addressing a very specific and complex clinical and medical workflow with high recurring revenues and market share potential.​


Easy to use and affordable for all, it disrupts the old-fashioned, paper-based trials industry in an attractive and modern way.

Publicly sponsored by 2 German ministries:


Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs & Energy


Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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